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Lighting Upgrades / Led Technology

New Advances in Lighting Technology

Improving Lighting Options

Considering an upgrade to your lighting system or contemplating a shift to LED smart technology for your home or business? A Advanced Electrical Services is here to assist you in transi­tioning to more energy-efficient options, such as LED technology, which not only saves you money in the long run but also transforms the ambiance of your space. We guide you through a range of options to eliminate inefficient light fixtures.

Modern apartment dining room interior with kitchen counter with marble wall in the background. Big dining table with orange chairs, wooden walls with mirror, parquet, pendant lamps and white ceiling. Template for copy space. Render.
LED strip light and illumination. Also called ribbon light or LED tape. That suspended on ceiling and hide in plasterboard in empty living room include down light, white wall, window, air conditioner, adjusting vertical or venetian blinds. That is modern luxury interior home building design and technology.
The living room decoration style of cutting-edge and fashionable modern home furnishings
Modern, luxury teenage boys nautical style room. Large double desk under double mezzanine bed.
Canon R5


Living & Work Spaces

In living rooms or offices, we offer alternatives like switching built-in lights to incandescent fixtures. Ceiling fans with integrated LED lighting provide a dual advantage of both a fan and modern lighting. Explore numerous built-in light options that enhance the beauty and illumination of your office or living area.

If your bathroom or kitchen has dim corners, we’ve got solutions. Simple additions like recessed light­ing can entirely transform the look and feel of a room. Illuminate your bathroom with a well-lit vanity or medicine cabinet. For kitchens, our offerings include recessed lighting, pendant lighting, chandeliers, track lighting, island lighting, and under-cabinet lighting – an array of choices to suit your preferences. If you’re unsure about the best fit for your electrical needs, we can provide expert guidance

Embrace the myriad choices in Smart LED lighting and technology available for both homeowners and business proprietors. The evolving landscape of this technology continually offers new ways to enhance our lives while simultaneously reducing energy costs. With each lighting upgrade, carefully weigh the benefits of LED lighting and the accompanying smart technology to make informed decisions about your lighting system.

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