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Septic System Problems

Maybe you’ve used a lot of water today? Maybe a float (switch for the pump) is worn out, or your pump has gone out. There are many reasons an alarm could be active, but they should not be ignored. Many people silence them, hope the system will fix itself and end up with a backed-up home and a bathtub full of wastewater. If you’re reading this and you have an active septic alarm – call us now – we want to get to your home as soon as possible to silence that alarm and septic problem now!

Using too much water in a short period of time will cause Hydraulic Overload. Maybe you just did a few loads of laundry and the kids took showers after soccer practice today? Pump systems on timers can only evacuate certain amounts of effluent (wastewater) in a given period of time. It distributes the wastewater throughout the entire day, not all at once, to avoid flooding your drainfield. If you aren’t sure, call us. We will help walk you through the possibilities and figure out what’s going on.

We Repair The Following:

  • Pumps
  • Mainlines
  • Risers
  • Tanks
  • Drain Fields
  • Pipe Replacements

Very Slow Draining/Flushing

Have you cleaned your effluent/outlet baffle filter recently? Do you know if you have one? This could be a cause of a septic draining problem, although it’s not the only reason this may be happening.

Backed Up

Have you checked your baffles? If that’s not it, you could have a plugged up line on one end of the system. You might need to clean your outlet filter, or maybe get your mainline jetted.


Jetting is sometimes necessary. It clears the pipe of debris and grease that can build up over several years. If you have a blockage, it can almost always be taken care of with this service. The main line (main pipe tying all interior drains to the septic tank) is usually the line needing to be jetted out. Jetting is also one of the major steps of drainfield restoration.


Don’t Panic – We Can Help!

If you are experiencing a septic alarm going off, there is a good chance your stress level is high and maybe you are a bit panicked! First, take a deep breath, and before you do anything else, CALL US right now – we’re going to help you get this situation handled and under control. We will walk you through a series of questions to help you get the alarm turned off and then figure out what the best course of action is – do we need to come out right now, or is it a situation that can wait till the morning?

Why Is My Septic Alarm Going Off?

Most of the time (especially here is the Pacific Northwest) the most common reason a septic alarm could be going off is because of too much water getting into the septic pump tank. There are timers and systems that can get tripped up with the introduction of too much water into your septic system too quickly. The other other secondary common culprit to a septic alarm is an issue with the electrical power to your septic system. While these are the two most common issues that can cause your septic system alarm to go off, there are some possibilities of another cause for your septic system alarm, but these are the biggest reasons why septic alarms get cranky!

We’re Here 24/7

If you are dealing with a septic alarm, please call us – we’re here for all those septic emergency needs. We understand that any septic alarm can be stressful and we’re standing by to help.

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