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Clogged Toilets

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Clogged toilets are the worst. We know – it’s embarrassing and no one wants to deal with that! If you have toilets that are clogging regularly basis, it might be time to call us! If you have a leaking, constantly running, or clogged toilet we have the experienced drain specialists to handle your problem. We have the right  equipment and experience to address your clogged toilet problems. Some common reasons for clogged toilets are:


  • Older, low-flow toilets
  • “Non-flushable” items – some things should not go down a toilet…. Ask anyone with a three year old!
  • Blocked toilet trap
  • Blocked plumbing vent
  • Blocked main sewer line


Whatever your clogged toilet issue is, please call us now or fill out our Contact Us form and we will have our drain tech out right away to fix your clog!

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