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Buying a Home? Why Septic System Inspections are Non-Negotiable?!

Buying a Home? Why Septic System Inspections are Non-Negotiable?!

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You’re finally closing in on buying your new home, and it may seem like you’ve got the best deal on the market- But have you checked out the property’s septic system? Most prospective home buyers are either not completely aware or don’t pay much heed to the importance of the septic system, which leads to several plumbing problems down the line.

Here’s everything homeowners need to know about purchasing a home with a septic system.

Things To Check When Purchasing a Home With A Septic System

1. Understand How It Works

You don’t need to be a credible plumbing expert to know the basics of residential waste management, how a septic system works, and when it isn’t working. The main job of a septic system is to keep the sludge and scum in check until a professional comes to pump them out. Most homes have conventional septic tank systems that use physical and biological processes to treat and drain your sewage and wastewater. Modern septic systems have more complex processes that may require additional maintenance and costs on your end, including yearly monitoring and reporting.

2. Gather a History of the Home’s Septic Unit

Your seller should be able to hand out the details of your septic tank, their last inspection date, and a gist of any recurring problems. Transparent communication in services like these is extremely important as it provides crucial information about the property’s septic system, allowing you to make informed decisions and properly maintain the system in the future.

Here’s a list of questions you need to ask:

  • How often do you pump your septic system?
  • Is there a septic location map?
  • When was the last inspection?
  • Do you have maintenance records?
  • Have there been any problems? Did you take appropriate measures to fix them?
  • How old is the system?
  • Where are the covers for the tank?

3. Hire a Professional to Inspect the System for you

Hire a qualified septic company like A Advanced Services for a professional, honest inspection of your soon-to-be property, and give you fair quotes on repair and replacement costs. Usually, there are two kinds of septic inspection,

4. Visual Septic Inspection

Local septic experts state that this is a basic inspection that focuses on the easily accessible components of the septic system. The septic inspector will typically:

Review your property for signs of pooling or saturation.
Examine the septic tank for visible cracks and leaks in the septic tank.
Inspect the drain field to ascertain soil health
Verify ventilation pipes and ensure they have no blockages.

5. Invasive Septic Inspection

This is a more thorough septic examination that digs deeper into the system’s functionality. The inspector will:

Excavate around the septic tank to examine its current condition closely.
Pump the tank, remove the accumulated sludge, and inspect the interior for damage.
Conduct dye testing to assess the tank’s functionality and potential leakage problems.
Carry out a video inspection using a camera to examine the internal components, like pipes.

Why Is A Professional Septic Assessment Required?

1. You need to understand what you are buying

Just as with a home inspection, the septic inspection should be done during your home sightseeing period, as it is your chance to evaluate the septic system and your opportunity to back out of the contract if a major problem is uncovered.

2. It’s your chance for negotiation

Once you own the property, you own the septic system as well. Any problems discovered after closing the deal will then have to be remedied at your expense. A failing system often requires a replacement, which can average $10,000 or more.

3. Your mortgage company may require a septic inspection

In this day and age, more and more mortgage companies require routine septic inspections. Be sure your professional inspector meets the qualification requirements and the inspection itself meets the standards for your underwriter. It’s essential to note that the specific requirements for each loan may differ.

Contact A Advanced Services For Professional Septic Inspection

At A Advanced Services, we offer professional septic system evaluations that will empower you with all the information you need to make confident, informed decisions. After we’re finished with our assessment, we’ll provide you with a detailed report that will be useful to you today and in the future.

Since 2006, we have been providing quality services to our customers in Puyallup, Tacoma, Olympia, Bonney Lake, Orting, Edgewood, Auburn, Gig Harbor, Enumclaw & Federal Way, WA. As premier providers, we specialize in septic cleaning, repair, installation, and service to optimize your system’s performance. Upholding our reputation for excellence, we prioritize customer satisfaction through commitment, attention to detail, and compassion.

Final Takeaway

As a highly seasoned septic system service provider, our clientele trusts us to manage all their septic-related issues. Our extensive services are executed with expert craftsmanship by well-trained, expert technicians. Whether you require installations, repairs, or cleaning services, you can depend on us to meet your job requirements proficiently.

Contact us at (253) 201-4517 to schedule an appointment with our team today.

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