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Wish You A Merry And Electrical Safe Christmas: Electrical Safety Tips For Christmas

Wish You A Merry And Electrical Safe Christmas: Electrical Safety Tips For Christmas

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From the extravagant light displays to the simple wreaths on the door, we all love decorating our homes for the holiday season. However, this is important to remember that safety is essential in any activity. We are here to provide you with the best electrical contractors in your locality who can help you deck your halls this Christmas.

Electrical Safety Tips For Christmas

Decorating is one of the holiday season’s best and most important parts. Many Christmas-time decors require electricity or batteries, so brushing up on safety concerns is crucial before facing any such electric hazards. 

1. Check lights first

 Unravel the string lights and plug-in decorations. While plugging them in, look for burned-out lights, broken bulbs, and frayed wires. Unplug the lights and replace the bulbs that are broken or not working. Before installing the Christmas lights, ensure that you’ve successfully inspected them thoroughly and there are no fire hazards possible. 

2. Use insulated hooks

Hanging the lights with nails, screws, or tacks can pierce the cable on the string of lights. Instead, hang the lights with the insulated hooks to avoid any kind of electrical emergencies. 

3. Do not overload outlets

Try to plug only a few cords into one source of electricity. In the middle of the winter, it can lead to overheating, which can lead to fire hazards. 

4. Use the Christmas tree safety measures

This is reported that the Christmas trees cause 210 house fires each year. If you want to purchase an artificial tree this year, ensure the label reads fire resistant. It indicates that the tree is not as prone to overheating as others. Consider hiring an emergency electrician in Tacoma in case you face any complications while putting up the tree & lights.  

5. Use candles safely

Candles are quite a popular decoration for every holiday event, but they can also be a significant fire hazard if not used safely. 

6. Use the extension cords safely

Extension cords can be hazardous if not used properly. Ensure that you only use those rated according to the amount of power they will carry. 

7. Be careful when using the holiday lights

Christmas lights are small decorations that do not produce much heat but can still become hot if left on for a long time. So make sure to use lights that have been tested and certified for indoor use, and never use lights that are damaged or frayed. 

8. Make sure all the Christmas decorations are grounded

Many holiday decorations, such as extension cords, and lights, come with grounding plugs; these plug helps to reduce the risk of electrical shock. Make sure that the holiday decorations are properly grounded before using them. You can reach out to an emergency electrician in Auburn to safely set up the Christmas lights without opting for DIYing them.  

9. Have an Emergency Plan in Place

Having an emergency plan in place for a fire or any other mishap is always a great idea. You can reach out to an electrician in Southern Washington to inspect the outlets at home for maximum security

 10. Utilize GFCIs

The outdoor decorations should be plugged into the ground fault circuit. If the home does not have these, you can purchase the portable ones from any store which sells all the electrical supplies. 

11. Wrap up the holidays

For the home’s safety, Christmas decorations can be temporary, so ensure to rake them down after the holidays. Inspect the lights and all the cords before packing them away, and store the electrical decorations in the dry area. In case of need, reach out to an emergency electrician in Federal Way to take care of things for you.  

In Case of Emergency, Call Emergency Electrician 

The emergency electrician in Auburn,  you hire must be someone you can count on. They must be patient and answer the electrical questions professionally. You will likely need to ask the electrician many questions beforehand, during, and after the job is done. 

It is crucial because you may not want somebody who is merely going to show up and then will not be able to explain what exactly they are doing and why. Instead, you want someone who can take the time to explain the job to you so that the layperson can understand. 


A Advanced Electrical is here for all your electrical needs during the holiday season. 

Want to ensure that you have a happy holiday in your home? Schedule an electrical safety test with our team. We can identify any areas of concern and will guide you in taking proactive steps to keep the family safe this holiday season.

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