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Tackling the Top 10 Sewer Issues with Routine Drain Cleaning

Tackling the Top 10 Sewer Issues with Routine Drain Cleaning

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A clogged sewer drain line is among the most common and concerning plumbing issues near the Puget Sound area. Usually, it can emerge as a minor issue but will soon start creating bigger problems like pipe blockage or complete system failure. Moreover, it can also lead to corrosion, flooding, wastewater, and sewage backup.

To prevent yourself from this hassle, you need to understand the common causes of sewer-related issues and how sewer drain cleaning can help. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 most common causes of clogged drains in households.

Top 10 Causes Of Sewer-Related Issues

1. Tree Roots

Even the tiniest crack in the sewer pipeline can allow surrounding tree roots to work their way in, causing a clogged drain. Generally, they grow toward sewer pipes to fetch moisture, particularly if the pipeline has a crack somewhere along its length. While pipes in older properties are more susceptible to root invasion, the roots can also damage relatively new systems.

2. Grease Buildup

When discussing clogged drains and lines, the FOGs (fats, oils, and grease) are the biggest culprits to remember. Pouring oil, fats, and grease into the drain may seem convenient at the moment, but it can lead to emergency plumbing issues down the line.

Most people think that running hot water while pouring grease down a drain helps wash away the oil, but this nearly isn’t the case because when the grease cools off, it will solidify and stick to your pipelines, leading to sewer line clogs and damaged pipelines. Instead, you can pour hot fat into a jar or coffee can, and once it solidifies, throw it away.

3. Damaged Pipelines

When sewer pipes are ruptured or broken, the sewage won’t drain through the system properly, leading to frequent and immediate blockages. Some of the common causes of sewer pipeline damage include:

  • Corrosion of an old pipe causes the line to collapse or break completely.
  • The sewer system can also rupture due to heavy construction equipment, soil shifting, settling, or excessive traffic on the floor above.
  • Leaking joints occur when the seals between pipe sections rupture, allowing sewage and water to escape.

4. Damaged Sewer Lines

Over time, your sewer line can crack, rust, sag, and start to fail. These problems are far more likely to affect ancient sewer lines, especially those that are over 20-30 years old. When the sewer line is damaged, it becomes susceptible to the infiltration of dirt and other debris, hindering the smooth flow of wastewater. That can quickly lead to clogs, blockages, and sewer line backups.

If you think you may have a clogged sewer issue, please contact us at (253) 201-4517, and we will send one of our trained drain technicians for immediate plumbing assistance.

5. Flushing Non-Flushable Items

It goes without saying, but as a responsible property owner, you should know what can and can’t be flushed down the toilet for your plumbing system’s well-being. If you treat your toilet as a trash can, be prepared to face dire sewer issues or emergency plumbing support.

6. Hygiene Products

Most hygiene products aren’t biodegradable and include components that can attract clogging agents into your sewer drains. Proper disposal of these items in designated waste bins can help prevent blockages and maintain the integrity of your wastewater system.

7. Soap

Soap buildup is common in bathroom drains, shower lines, and laundry areas, and as it builds up, the pipe’s diameter will reduce significantly. Obviously, the mixup will result in slow drainage and backups. Sometimes, the soap can mix with other substances to produce solid, hardened clogs.

8. Excessive Toilet Paper

Excessive use of toilet paper can jam your toilet. If water can be flushed from your toilet, you should use a toilet auger or plunger, whereas if it doesn’t flush and just fills without draining, then you should contact a professional drain cleaning service like A Advanced Services.

9. Mineral Buildup

Water contains different minerals, and hard water can be pretty notorious and build insoluble mineral masses. This continuous mineral deposit can easily clog your drains and reduce water flow. For temporary relief, you can use a water softener, but if the situation seems aggravated, you can contact a professional service plumber from a credible firm like A Advanced Septic Services, who can descale the pipes and remove the excess mineral buildup.

10. Misusing Your Garbage Disposal

Expert sewer maintenance professionals reveal that your garbage disposal shouldn’t be treated as a trash can, just like your toilet. Throwing everything down your garbage disposal, from fats and grease to last night’s dinner leftovers, can make your drains clog quickly. So, ensure you have a kitchen sink strainer to catch bigger scraps and debris.

Additionally, ensure to follow our tips regarding what items should not be disposed of in your garbage disposal.

How Does Regular Sewer and Drainage Cleaning Help?

If you’re a property owner near the Puget Sound area, routine sewer and drainage cleaning is one of the most important crucial things you can do to protect your pipes from clogs and blockages, reduce stress on your pipes, prevent biohazards, eliminate clean-up costs, and comply with local building codes.

It’s best to contact a qualified, experienced, and reliable service provider like A Advanced Septic Services for professional inspection and cleaning. Before a sewer cleaning occurs, a thorough sewer inspection will help the plumbers observe what’s actually happening inside your sewer and better prepare them to clean out the pipes. These inspections are usually done with CCTV crawlers that relay video back to a computer monitoring system.

Final Takeaway

Founded in 2006, A Advanced Services has been providing quality services to our customers in Tacoma, Puyallup, Gig Harbor, Bonney Lake, Orting, Edgewood, Olympia, Auburn, Enumclaw, Federal Way, and nearby areas. We strive hard to maintain our reputation of excellence by serving our clients with the utmost dedication, attention to detail, and compassion.

We take pride in offering complete services for any sewer or septic request. As a family-owned and operated company, we treat our experts well and provide our customers with personalized services and customized solutions.

Contact us at (253) 201-4517 to schedule an appointment with our team today.

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